Choices for Nursery Changing Table

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nursery changing tableOne of the biggest purchases you will make for your new baby will be a nursery changing table. The crib or bassinet will probably be your first consideration, but a changing table for the nursery maybe your next choice for furniture. And there are choices to consider.

Styles for Nursery Changing Tables

There are a number of styles to consider when purchasing a nursery changing table. All will include some kind of storage underneath. But your decision will be what that storage will look like. Here are three of those choices and probably the three most common that are available.

 South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Table, Pure White DaVinci Monterey Baby Changing Table – White Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with 3 Baskets and Hamper, Cherry

You see that the first one on the left has drawer storage along with a small set of shelves. This is a much more enclosed space giving you a cleaner, simpler look to the nursery decor. Because it also has smooth surfaces, you can add some wall decals to liven it up if you like.

The middle choice is just shelves underneath. It’s the most open look. For many the ease of just grabbing what you need without dealing with drawers is an advantage.

The third one, on the right, is a basket style. It’s attractive for a more modern nursery decor, but encloses all the storage space for a cleaner look.

Consider the Changing Table Use

Besides the look of a nursery changing table, you want to consider its function. You will be changing the baby’s diapers and most likely his or her clothes. You will need to have at the ready extra diapers, cleaning wipes, any lotions or powders that you use and spare clothes. All of these things can either be just below the changing table or within easy reach.

Modern changing tables take all of this into account. If you are using a family heirloom or hand-me-down, the storage space below may be different than what is comfortable for you, or even non-existent. But, don’t let that deter you. Additional options are always available to you with a little ingenuity.

Add baskets below your nursery changing table. Choose ones that work well with your nursery decor theme. When you have spent a little time planning your nursery decor, the choices will be easier for you. And we do like easier.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    It has been over 2 decades since my children were babies and I had no idea there were so many different styles of changing tables! I do know they will save a mother’s back and she needs all the relief she can get.

  2. Mandee says:

    Been a while since I used a changing table as well but man! These are so nice! I am in love with the South Shore Savannah one the most!

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