Jungle Nursery Theme Crib Mobiles

Jungle-Theme-Crib-MobileCrib mobiles are essential elements for babies. The visual stimulation is known to be helpful to the little ones. If a jungle theme is your nursery decor, then one of these jungle crib mobiles is ideal. Not only for the decorating theme, but for the baby’s development.

Bright and Darling Jungle Musical Mobiles

Watching your baby watch these charming jungle animals twirl and bounce around over head is a delight every parent will enjoy. The bright colors are attractive to babies. Then add in the musical aspect and you have a great combination for any little one.

Sleepy Time Jungle Mobiles

There are plenty of times when we want to calm and soothe the baby. Over stimulation can keep a little one awake longer than is good for them. These mobiles are designed to play soothing music to help your baby settle down and fall asleep.

Adding to the Jungle Nursery Theme

It’s the little extras that make the nursery theme complete. Your theme can start with the jungle crib bedding, usually the largest item you will purchase for the nursery decor. Then add in some jungle wall decals for easy decorating without the hassle of painting or wallpapering the baby’s room. Next, simply add in little accent pieces. A crib mobile in a jungle theme is an ideal addition.

Other accessories can include a jungle theme lamp, small storage containers for things like bath products, extra diaper changing supplies and baby thermometer, and a jungle theme diaper stacker. A few plush jungle animals set on dresser or table tops and you have a delightfully designed nursery. All this is accomplished without huge expense. In fact, it can be relatively inexpensive to decorate the nursery when you make use of the extras and accessories in your jungle theme.

Jungle Theme Color Schemes

Typically, a jungle theme will use colors like green and yellow. But, you aren’t limited to just those. With all the colors of the animals in a jungle, you can use just about any color scheme you like for the nursery. Beiges and browns work very well, reds and blues are available in a jungle through things like flowers and brightly colored parrots. You really can let your imagination take to you just about any color you like for your baby’s jungle theme nursery.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh, I love all of the little animals! My babies definitely would have loved these crib mobiles!

  2. Mandee says:

    Love the jungle theme for a nursery! My sister used it for her daughter in bright colors. She had a mobile too! It’s a great choice for kids.

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