Planning The Nursery Decor

Planning Nursery DecorAh, the new baby is on the way and it’s time for you to start working on the nursery. But where do you start? There are two major things to consider. First, you as the parents will be in that room more than any other adult. So you want the baby’s room to be inviting to you. Second, your little one will be developing quickly during his or her time in that room so you want to make sure there is plenty of development stimulation.

Nursery Planning First Step

Agreed, definitely. Now where do you actually start? The easiest way to begin is either with a theme or a color scheme. Remember you first consideration. The nursery needs to be inviting to you as the parents. Let’s walk through an example here. Say you think a theme of baby jungle animals is cute. A jungle theme naturally has some basic colors. Greens, browns and yellow for accent are typical. What if green is a color that causes you nerve endings to screech? Baby jungle animals may be cute, but you will not be happy going into that room.

Starting with a theme has some natural color schemes built in, so look for a theme that has your favorite colors in it. Or skip the theme altogether and work with your favorite colors.

Second Step in Planning the Baby’s Room

Remember the second consideration is the baby’s development. You will want to be adding in lots of visual stimulation as your little grows in those early months. Consider the types of stimulation you will be adding and what those colors or themes might be. A bright pink butterfly mobile hanging over the crib will not work well with a baby jungle animal theme.

Especially if this is your first child, you will be learning about your child’s development. Those first months, even to a year old, will be filled with amazing leaps and bounds for your child. Add in to your learning what are the stimulation items that work best. Then think about picking out those along with your color scheme or theme.

New Baby Registries

Nearly every large store has a baby registry. If you haven’t heard about these, they are very similar to bridal registries. You pick out the items you want for your baby, which can easily include the nursery items. Then your family and friends can pick from you choices to give you and the baby gifts.

Baby registries are free, so take advantage of this to let everyone know what theme or color scheme you have chosen and the items you want to add as the baby develops. Save yourself the hassle of getting a green lamp if you have chosen pink and purple for your little girl’s room.

Amazon has a great online one. Check out Baby Registry and see for yourself how easy it can be.


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